5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Some organizations feel that being on Social Media would add little or no strength to the growth of their organization while other organizations on the other hand are ripping the benefits of social media management, aligning its cool tactics and strategies with their business’ needs and goals.

Generally speaking, the benefits of Social Media Marketing cannot be over emphasized. Considering the feedback from business owners and managers, the benefits are so much that you would hardly notice any disadvantage once you are getting it right.

Let’s discuss some of these benefits.

High Exposure and Brand Awareness: Practically, getting the right traditional marketers (Newspaper, Television, Radio, Flier Distributors etc) to broadcast your brand to your target audience in several locations (East, West, North, South) could cost you not just time, money, effort but could also be stressful, especially when the marketers are not delivering results. Without ruling out traditional marketing, Social Media Marketing, like Save Our Soul emergency number can – within  a short period of time, grant you enough space to share and engage  with your audience – outside your website and work environment, providing you a place where customers and prospects would feel comfortable.

With a trusted Social Media Manager, the content you share and the discussions you host through both unpaid and paid social activities could make your brand customer’s first choice.

Boosts Website Traffic: There’s usually some sort annoyance attached to seeing low number of visitors on your website after checking your web analytics (visit Google Analytics page or contact a web analytics manager to discover how web analytics works).

With the right mix of engaging content on Social Media , your audience will be encouraged to not just click and visit your website or blog, but also to share and encourage others to do the same.

Builds Brand Loyalty:  Brand managers could go a long way trying to convince their target audience to use their brand. Often times, when they feel they’ve just ended a great business conversation, the client’s subsequent response turns negative. So was the case of Mr John, a brand manager for XYZ company, he often feels on top of his game whenever he closes a business conversation, little did he know that the reason why clients never patronize XYZ Brand/Services was because he never gives them opportunity to express their fears; he would always dominate conversations and not until he changed his tactics, it wasn’t getting better. Yes, we could say he has low communication skills but this would have been be averted if he used other means

When speaking to prospective clients online or through Social Media Platforms, dominating a conversation is rare, your audience gets to pour out their mind, ask you questions about their fears without your permission and then give you an opportunity to defend yourself and your brand. 

The content, discussion and service you are providing on Social Media helps you to build an engaged band of loyal followers.

Let’s talk more about your followers on the next benefit point.

Creates useful Audience And Market Insight: With Social Media you can see your customers-and-competitors- in their true habitat. With just a few clicks, they grant you access to study them, in turn, you get to learn more about the people they interact with, what type of content they share and engage with most, their favourite shows, meals, hobbies and the list goes on, this gives you the key to impress them and positively manipulate them to use your products and services for their own benefit.

Generate Leads And Sales: Some people view Social Media as a non income evaluation platform; good news is, Once you have a professional Social Media Marketer, you can do more than that.

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and others that builds awareness, trust, loyalty and engagement with their audiences can absolutely drive leads and sales for your organization.

Professional Social Media Marketers can go beyond just marketing to Social Media Prospecting. What’s the difference though. We’ll discuss that next.

Now you understand how important social media is, why not share.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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